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Below is the complete list of entries for the first round. Enjoy reading and don't forget to comment on the posts!

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Nov 10 2015 - Reveals 2015
The time has finally come! The Winter Lights fan fiction festival is coming to an end. Before we get to revealing the writers who have participated in this round, we would like to leave a few short messages to everyone.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this fic fest: prompters, writers, betas, and readers.
Biggest thanks to seokxiu and anon for the pinch hits, k_popped and xo_thefirst for pinch hitting on top of original assignments!

We’d also like to thank the mods of other fic exchanges/fests who've blessed us with so much advice to improve the experience!

Without the hard work of every participant, this project wouldn’t have become a success. Because of you, we now have more XiuBaek/BaekMin stories to read and enjoy. We owe a whole lot to you!

So Mods would like to express their gratitude once again:

Mod I: This all started with Mod R and I just wanting more XiuBaek fics (we were so deprived!). Now, it has blossomed into a marvelous anthology of literature featuring our favorite pair. It wasn’t an easy road taken, given that both mods are newbies to fan fic festivals, but we got through it and we ended up with more than what we expected. Thank you to all the people who joined! I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for all the things you’ve contributed to this project.

I admit that this wasn’t one of the most organized fic fests out there, so I apologise for all the mishaps we underwent. There were also times when we might have been too busy to reply to your messages, so sorry for that. ^^; Thank you for being so understanding all throughout the fest!

Finally, thank you to my wonderful partner Mod R for being patient enough when I worked slowly, committed mistakes, and sometimes went MIA. It’s been such a great journey with you! I’m more than thankful that we started this project together. Here’s to more rounds in the future!

Mod R: I can't believe this whole thing is coming to an end ;;;; Back then holding a fic fest/exchange sounded like such a far fetched dream for us but here we are, at the very last post for Winter Lights! Big big thanks to our dear writers who've taken time out of their busy lives to write for the community, and of course you! Our lovely readers who continue to spread the xiubaek lovin’!
I would like to sincerely apologise for all the ridiculous mistakes we've committed as mods, thank you for accepting our shortcomings as newbies in this world of moderating. ((´д`)) I've learned so much being a mod and I don't regret this fest at all I love everything about it and good lord let me go cry in my closet now
I also want to thank my lovely partner Mod I for handling an incompetent person such as myself and having to deal with the techie techie things because I'm a terrible person. You've been my pillar of support throughout this fest. I love you!!!! (´ ▽`).。o♡

We hope you’ve had/are having a wonderful time with us, and we hope to see you again in the near future! Who knows, maybe there’ll be another round for us! We can make it happen if we want it hard enough.

So, without further ado, here is the list of writers alongside their fanfics:

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Hello lovely XiuBaek lovers who've decided to visit this Winter Lights festival! Did you enjoy all the amazing stories our participants cooked up?

It's sad to say that Winter Lights is coming to a close this year, but we just have one more game for you!

This is our Guess Who post. You know how the game works, all you need to do is to guess which participant wrote which fic by commenting down below! Take note that some writers wrote more than one fic, and some have stayed to remain anonymous, so the number of writers listed does not match the number of fics submitted. :)

Here's the Masterlist for your reference:

Virtual cookies to anyone who gets it right! Have fun!

Our lovely writers:




















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